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The Good News - The Guarantee Of Our Inheritance

The Good News: 

The Good News - The Guarantee Of Our Inheritance

Ephesians 1-14

Oh, what enlightenment, what joys, what consolation, what delight of heart is experienced by that man who has learned to feed on Jesus, and Jesus alone. Yet the realization that we have of Christ’s preciousness is, in this life, imperfect at best. As the old writer says, “Tis but a taste!” We have tasted “that the Lord is good, “ but we do not yet know how good and gracious He is, although what we know of his sweetness makes us long for more. We have enjoyed the firstfruits  of the Spirit, and they have set us hungering and thirsting for the fullness of the heavenly vintage. We groan within ourselves, waiting for the  adoption. Here we are like Israel in the wilderness, who had but one cluster from the vine, there we shall be in the vineyard. Here we see the manna falling small, like coriander seed; but there shall we eat the bread of heaven and the old corn of the kingdom. We are but beginners now in spiritual education, for although we have learned the first letters of the alphabet, we cannot read words yet, much less can we put sentences together. But as one says, “He that has been in heaven but five minutes  knows more than the general assembly of divines on earth.” We have many unfulfilled desires at present, but soon every wish shall be satisfied, and all our powers shall find the sweetness employment in that eternal world of joy.  O Christian anticipate heaven for a few years. Within a very little time you will be rid of all your trials and your troubles. Your eyes now suffused with tears shall weep no longer.You will gaze in ineffable rapture upon the splendor of Him who sits upon the throne. Better still, you shall sit upon His throne. The triumph of his glory shall be shared by you; His crown. His joy, His  paradise---these will be yours, and you will be co-heir with Him who is the heir of all things.


Charles H. Spurgeon/Alistair Begg

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