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Ministry Spotlight - Deborah Peek

View Deborah' video "Blessed" - Produced By: Phil Cross

Recording Artist  Deborah Peek was born in Chicago, Il and was adopted at the age of two by a couple from Alabama. When Deborah was four the family moved to Alabama and that's where she was raised.

Deborah has been singing since she was old enough to walk. Growing up singing in church, Deborah gives credit for her ability to sing and natural talent to God. She sang in church and school functions and was a member of a gospel quartet at the early age of 15.

Deborah has sang on the Grand Ole Opry, Stardust Theater, Bluebird Cafe and the Ryman in Nashville, Tn.



Interview Questions: 
I grew up singing in church and was a member of a quartet at age 15. In 2008 I recorded a CD with Scott Godsey as producer, and began singing as a soloist. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2013 so I took a break to recover after having 5 surgeries, chemo and radiation. In 2016, I recorded a new CD and with help from God, started singing again. I have a testimony to share and God has opened many doors. I am honored he chose me to be his hands and feet and help others through ministry.
I grew up in church singing. I am thankful I had an uncle that was a preacher and another uncle who was a song leader. Our church was big on music and singing. I'm thankful for that. God give me a gift to use for his purpose so with the heavy influence of music and singing, it enhances that. I became a member of a quartet at age 15. I was the only girl in the group besides the piano player. We sang "Jesus Is Your Ticket", "I'm The One", Stepping On The Clouds" and more. We had influences like Rex Nelon, The Hoppers, Gold City, and others in the 80's.
Being raised in church and the influence of most of my family singing.
The Nelons, The Hoppers, The Hinsons, Vestal Goodman and The Happy Goodman, Chuck Wagon Gang from the earlier years. Now it's The Crabb Family, The Bowlings, Karen Peck and New River, The Gaithers.
They are talented and anointed singers. I also like a lot of the songs they sing.
My parents.
I am always talking to people, visiting churches and booking. In 2016 I did about 100 and I am booking for 2017 in hopes of working more this year.
Churches, Benefits, Funerals, Weddings, Nursing Homes, Festivals and outdoor events in the summer. Any where I can minister.
Nursing Homes, Ladies events at church, Bake sales and craft shows.
Hopefully to add to my ministry will be a keyboard player, bass, and guitar. I would like to get away from using tracks and more of a live band. I am currently seeking a keyboard player and then add from there. I would also like to purchase a PA system, and a Sprinter van for travel.
We recently released a new radio single and music video "Blessed" which was produced by legendary Phil Cross. The song was written by award winning songwriters, Patrick Dodge and Gene Ezell. It was released March 6, 2017 with Music To Radio, Charles Brady promotions, and charted at #1. It is currently on the charts at #1 on FM and #4 on AM.
Deborah Peek
Deborah is married to Chris Peek and they have two sons, Cruze(14) and Michael (11). Deborah has 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. We are members of Agape Baptist Church in Scottsboro, Alabama.


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