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Ministry Spotlight - Murphy Hill Baptist Church

This year Murphy Hill celebrates its 86th anniversary. This is a
momentous  occasion and it’s only fitting that we take a moment to reflect on how
Murphy Hill got it’s start. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who, many years ago,
cared enough about the small community in which they lived to establish a place of
worship. It’s difficult to condense 86 years into a few paragraphs, but below is a brief
outline of the history of Murphy Hill Baptist Church.
   August 1930--Gladstone Missionary Baptist Church was organized in a location at what is now the intersection of Pulaski Pike and Patterson Lane. Rev. J.D. Carroll served as the first pastor of  newly founded church. The church was used as a place of worship for several different denominations in the Gladstone community.
   Fall 1934--Gladstone Baptist Church begins construction of another church on land
donated by Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Murphy. The church was renamed Murphy Hill Baptist
Church. This is the present location of Murphy Hill Baptist Church.
   Spring 1935--First services were held in the new church. In the early days at Murphy
Hill Baptist Church services were held only twice each month.
   January 1956--The church decided that a larger sanctuary was needed for the growing
congregation at Murphy Hill. The church planted a cotton crop on land owned by
Dewey Carter and Clarence Reed in order to raise money for the new construction.
Much of the labor was done by church members. Rev. Don Atkinson was pastor.
   June 2, 1957--The first services were held in the new sanctuary which is now the Fellowship Hall. The building was completed enough to begin services in it, even though it would be another year before the brick and other outside work was completed. Rev. Hugh Keith was pastor.
   October 1959--Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norrell donated one acre of land to be used to
build a pastorium. The house was completed in 1960 and Rev. J.W. Knight was the
first pastor to occupy the dwelling.
   November 1966--Began construction of  a two story addition including kitchen and bathrooms. This was completed in late Spring 1967. Rev. Roy King was pastor.
   August 1930 to August 1979--Murphy Hill had several men who served as pastor of the church.
   August 1979--Dr. Albert C. Long became pastor and would serve in this position until his retirement in 2001.
    1986-- Plans were made for the construction of additional Sunday School Rooms,
a larger fellowship hall, large kitchen, and additional bathroom facilities. This was an
extension to a two story wing currently in use.
   1990--The membership at Murphy Hill voted once again to build a new sanctuary, this
time one large enough to seat 450 people.
   1991--Homecoming Day. The first service was held in the sanctuary we use today. The old sanctuary continues to be used as a Fellowship Hall.
   1994--The Christian Life Center was built. Bro. George Wheeler was Murphy Hill’s first associate pastor. Bro. Wheeler had retired from full time ministry at Twickenham
Baptist Church in Huntsville. That church was sold and the money was donated for the construction of the Christian Life Center. This building is a valuable asset to Murphy Hill as it is used in various ways by the church, not only as a gym and other recreational activities, but also large enough to feed big crowds on special days such as Thanksgiving and Homecoming.
   1997--Best Beginnings School began it’s pre-school and kindergarten classes.
   Sept. 2001--Bro. Mike McFarlen became pastor of Murphy Hill Baptist Church and continues to serve in that capacity today.
   2006--As Murphy Hill celebrated it’s 75th anniversary, the membership also celebrated
paying off the church mortgage. This was just another example of how God had blessed
as we watched months of unselfish giving culminated with our pastor, Bro. Mike McFarlen burning the note. What a proud day that was for all who had taken part in making this happen.
   May 2011-- Sadly, due to economic conditions, Best Beginnings School was closed.
   Eighty-Six years have seen many changes at Murphy Hill. Today we not only have
a diverse selection of Sunday School classes to accommodate every age group, but also
Awana and other programs for the youth. Surely the church’s founders would be proud
to see how Murphy Hill has grown since its humble beginnings. God has richly blessed
and it is the desire of every member at Murphy Hill to continue to see our church grow
and to serve the spiritual needs of this community. We pray that we will be able to
celebrate many more Homecomings in the years to come. As we carry on the tradition
set forth by the founders of Murphy Hill Baptist Church in serving the Lord faithfully,
perhaps one day future generations will look back at us with the same sense of gratitude
that we feel for  those early church leaders.  
Murphy Hill Baptist Church Pastors
Date                          Pastors Name
1930--1937               J.D. Carroll
1938--1939               Hugh Merrill
1939--1940               J.D. Carroll
1940--1941               E.G Steelman
1941--1944               Jack Carroll
1945--1947               Dewey Cantrell
1948--1949               Alvie Stevenson
1950--1951               Lossie Hall
1951--1952               Wm. Newgent
1953--1954               Dewey Cantrell
1955--1956               Don Atkinson
1957--1957               Hugh Keith
1957--1958               Al Stewart
1959--1960               J.W. Knight
1961--1962               Duane Day
1962--1967               Roy King
1967--1971               Jake Strickland
1972--1973               Mike Curry
1974--1976               Roy King
1977--1979               Donnie Amason
1979--2001               Al Long
2001--Present             Mike McFarlen
Associate Pastors
Date                          Name
1991--1994               George Wheeler
2008--2012               Bryan Brooks
2014- Present             Eric Mulford

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