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Ministry Spotlight - Surrendered Ministries

Surrendered is a Southern Gospel Group.The group is composed of leader, Russell Wise, 16 year old inspirational singer, Sadie Renae Matthews, tenor Joseph Reed and drumer Kendal Teague.

You can visit thier website at, follow and like them at Surrendered Ministries on FB, Instagram, Snap Chat and watch updated videos regularly on YouTube.  You can also download our music from iTunes.

To Book Surrendered, please contact The Dominion Agency at 828-454-5900. 

Interview Questions: 

GE: What is the history of your ministry? : THE GROUP FORMED AS A DUET DURING MAY 2015. RUSSELL WISE (Long time member of Wendy Bagwell & The Sunliters as well as group manager) and SADIE RENAE (then only 15 years old) began singing together after Sadie felt a conviction.  We have since added Joseph Reed from Nashville, TN on vocals and Kendall Teague on drums. Each of these men add an amazing level of talent and ministry.  Russell celebrates 40 years in music ministry this year, Joseph celebrates 30 years in overall ministry this year and Kendall (age 20) was called to preach at the age of 18.


GE: Where did you begin? : Our first booking was at the Annual Catfish Festival in Scottsboro, AL (May 2015) with an invite from ReJeana Leeth (well known radio personality with WZCT).


GE: Why did you choose this path of ministry? :  We truly believe that ministry chooses you! It's an anointing and appointing that no one could ever understand unless you have felt the conviction on your life. God blessed us all with talents and it is an honor to sing about our Lord and Savior. 


GE: Who are some of your major musical influences?: Each member has their own individual influences. But, as a whole we all appreciate those that paved the way for all Southern Gospel artists.  Individuals and groups that have simply stood solid in their faith and action.  


GE: Why do they affect you the way they do? : Each Gospel Music Pioneer has allowed the word of God to be heard all over the word. We see that many will attend a singing that will not attend a church service. So, their faithfulness and talent has allowed the word to flourish. 


GE: Who has been your biggest spiritual influence? Again, each of us have our on spiritual icons. Three of the members were all raised as "preachers kids" and they will tell you their Dads have been one of their most inspirational influences. Each of us love and appreciate our parents, grandparents, church leaders, teachers,  and also our gospel family!! Our gospel family is always a great marker for accountability. 

GE: How many dates to you do per year? We do 125 - 150 dates annually. It seems to grow each year. Thank you LORD! 

GE: What kind of venues do you sing at? : Surrendered has been blessed to sing at festivals, churches, camp meetings, corporate events, conventions, community action restaurants, radio stations, television programs, a live nativity celebration, family events, large concert halls and so basically anywhere God has opened a door. 

GE: Are you involved in other areas of ministry besides music? : Jospeh and his family have a ministry that helps to feed the hungry in an area of Nashville, TN.  Kendall, has had the opportunity to preach at different venues. Russell works with other ministries in recordings and helping them with a start up. Sadie is a strong advocate of teen morals and modesty. 

GE: Where do you see your ministry in the next 5 years? : We pray we will still be sharing the gospel in new areas and enjoying the same excitement we feel today. We will never put restrictions on where God leads. We have experienced a whirlwind 6 months. We won the 2016 Diamond Award for Sunrise Trio, recipients of the 2016 Sing Atlanta sponsored by The Nelons & Daywind Records, was blessed with our first Singing News Top 40 song in March 2017 and have just been nominated in the The Top 10 Singing News Fan Awards for New Artist. 

GE: Talk a little bit about your current project and/or single?: Our current project is entitled "I've Been To The Well" and our last single to radio (by the same name) charted in the Singing News Magazine at #36 for March 2017. That is our first Top 40 and we are unbelievably honored and overjoyed.  Also from the same project, our current single to radio "You Don't Know The Half Of It" written by the amazingly talented Dianne Wilkinson made the Singing News Top 25 for New Releases. Again, our hearts are full and we give all glory to GOD! 


We are also extremely excited about our new project! We will be at Daywind Records in Nashville, TN the 2nd week of May. Jason Clark of The Nelons will be our producer and The Nelons will actually be making a guest appearance on one of our songs!! How cool is that???? 


GE: Who are the members in your group? :

Russell Wise - lead/baritone, group manager and bass guitar, Sadie Renae - lead/harmonies, Joseph Reed - lead/tenor, acoustic guitar and keys, Kendall Teague - drummer. Surrendered has really put together a good band that can also provide live music upon request. 



GE: Tell us a little about your family, husband/wife and children.:  Russell and Lori Wise own the group and have the opportunity of traveling together each weekend - they enjoy the love and joy of 4 daughters and 3 beautiful grandchildren. Joseph is married to beautiful Brandi and they love their big family of 5 children. Thank goodness for FaceTime on the road! Sadie Renae loves her family (she is the middle child of 5 siblings and will be a first time Aunt later this year) and her precious fur baby, Lyric. Kendall is surrounded by an amazing family! His Dad serves as his pastor and so he, his Mom and sister work long hours to help all they can.

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