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The Good News: 

The Good News

Sharing The Wealth

Jimmy Hill's picture  by: Jimmy Hill

Most weekday mornings require that I leave home at 4:00 am and make a 45-50 minute drive to take care of the needs of our 8 year old granddaughter so that her Dad (a single parent) can leave for work. No complaints here. Those long drives in the darkness give me plenty of time to meditate and think.

Lots of mornings, as the daily trek ends, I receive a very special gift of art from God. It is a newly painted orange eastern sky that is busy overpowering and driving away the darkness.

The soon to be sunrise is a prelude to a fresh and new view of the astounding scenery and wholesome people in the rural Tennessee village. It is a dramatic and welcomed change from living near the 4th largest research park in the world. Its a place where people often smile and wave when neighbors pass by.

There is pride in the local school's students' academic and sports abilities. But, there is compassion and encouragement for those who fall short. Most of the educators were raised in the same community. The people seen on the school bleachers are the same people that may be found at the PTA meetings. More importantly, the majority can be found seated in Church pews every Sunday. And many are regulars at midweek prayer services, too. It's as though God has a special fabric laced through the people.

On one of those early mornings, my thoughts turned to a mini series delivered by our Pastor on being rich beyond measure. We can be rich in other ways than money and substance. We can be rich in God's mercy, grace and love. Some scriptures worth reading about the subject are 1 John 4:9-10; 1 John 3:16 and John 3:16

Later that same morning, I received a text message with a video attached from a dear Brother in Christ. The video was freshly recorded in a small church house in North Huntsville. The participants in the video were predominantly Black. They were singing spirituals like most cannot sing. A few months ago, he and I sat in and observed one of those gatherings. That same fabric that is laced through the people in the Tennessee village runs through the people in that small simple North Huntsville Church house, too.

Both have a charismatic appeal to me. They beckon me to indulge in their holdings. And they are willing to share. Their wealth is woven into their fabric....mercy, grace and love.

Isn't that what we all need? That is exactly what God offers each of us. And, if we accept God's mercy, grace and love, should it not be reasonable to want to share the same with others?

Lord, I confess to you that I have fallen short many times in extending Your mercy, grace and love to others. The wealth that you have given to me is beyond measure. And, I realize that You expect me to share. Please forgive me.

In the Name of Jesus I pray.


Blessed are the meek,

for they will inherit the earth.

Matthew 5:5

Jimmy Hill

Music Minister

Midway Baptist Church, Athens, Al

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