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The Good News

The Good News: 

The Good News

Poem by: Jim Henley

The Best Indeed, Is Yet To Come

The lord has blessed me all my days, and kept me in his palm

Though storms of life have come my way, their fearsome winds He’s calmed

When others threw their fiery darts, to cause my feet to stray

He gently took my hand in his, and kept me in the way

Yes Life down here is sweet indeed, with blessings He’s bestowed

And should I live a hundred years, and watch new things unfold

This world with all it’s wonders, all of it’s glitter, gleam and gloss

Could never pay the price he paid upon that old rugged cross

With empty hands I came to Him, Un-worthy of his love

He wrapped me in His righteousness, and wrote my name above

And now I owe my all to Him, though little it may be

Upon that cross he gave His all, then gave it all to me

And one day when they lay me down, and I take that final flight

On wings of love He’ll take me home, where never comes a night

So lift your head dear child of God, Your life has just begun

And know for sure without a doubt, The Best Is Yet To Come!


By Jim Hendley

Written for Monroe Baker after a Beautiful Prayer he had given

At Bethany Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama

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