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The Kelly's

The Kelly's are from Lawrenceburg TN the birthplace of southern gospel music, and the home the James D. Vaughn Southern Gospel Music Museum.

They began singing as a family in 1959. There have 65 members to come and go over the years. Jon Kelly is the only original member of the group still traveling. He Began as the drummer for the group at the age five and became lead singer fifteen years later.

July -2015
Interview Questions: 
We have been singing 57 years. The group today has been together for 12 years. The tenor has been here for over 28 years, the Bass singer nearly 17 years and the Baritone 12 years. We travel about 6 states and do 90 to 100 dates a year. We don't travel December, January and February.
In peoples Homes in 1959.
I was born into it. Then when I got saved I believe God gave me this to do and I have been doing it since I was 5 years old and I am 56 years old.
My Dad, Jake Hess
My Dad because of his belief in this music and Jake because when he sang you understood every word.
My Mom
90 to 100
Churches, Auditoriums, outside Venues and Theatres
Still traveling and telling the people that Jesus Loves them.
We are in the planning stages of a new project. One of the latest thing we done was a Live Video with a Choir of 40 to 50 people on it with us. The song that has been our most requested song is "Rock of Ages" that the choir helps us on.
Jon Kelly- Lead
Paul Walters- Tenor
Eric Harvey- Bass
Keith Wortham-Baritone
I have a wonderful Family. My wife is beautiful and we have 2 daughters Jenna and Jantzen. Jenna is married to Bryan Sanders and have gave us the best grandson (Tru) and another one on the way next month. Jantzen is not married and works in Columbia TN.


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