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Ministry Spotlight

Joyful Hearts

We are a husband/wife Duo from Cullman, AL. We have been going and sharing the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, through song and testimony, for 23 yrs. We have just recently started the Gospel Showcase TV Program on a local station in Cullman. Our purpose is to share Jesus with the lost and hurting.

Feburary - 2016
Interview Questions: 

GE: What is the history of your ministry?

The Joyful Hearts was formed in November 1992 by me and my deceased husband, Dan Brannon. He passed away April 1st, 2002. March 29th, 2002, my husband now, Donnie Foxx, came home and found his wife dead on the couch; she had an aneurism in her large intestines. Donnie played drums and sang backup with a Country Gospel group from Blountsville, AL. Our groups had been together several times at different venues. When his wife passed away, his group called to let us know about her death; Dan got Donnie's phone number. Dan called him to get the arrangements, Donnie told him what they were, Dan said, "ok we will see you Tuesday morning at the Memorial Service", Dan died Monday night of a heart attack. Donnie and his group came to Dan's funeral on Friday; so, I guess you might say the rest is history. Donnie and I have been married 13 years and the Joyful Hearts are still going strong after 23 years. We love going and sharing God's word through Song & Testimony and Ministering to the lost and hurting. Our desire is to see souls saved and lives changed. Right now we are a duo but in this 23 years we have been a Trio & mixed Quartet several times.


GE: Where did you begin?

We began in Cullman, AL


GE: Why did you choose this path of ministry?

Dan & I loved to sing Country Music, then he got saved in 1990 and I re-dedicated my life to Jesus Christ and started singing good old Southern Gospel. We started singing in church, after a while people would hear us and ask us to come sing at Revivals, Funerals, and different events and venues. After doing that for a while, we decided we wanted to go more and do more for the Lord so, therefore Joyful Hearts was formed.


GE: Who are some of your major musical influences?

For me it was Elaine Wilburn of the Wilburn's. For Donnie it is Greater Vision.


GE: Why do they affect you the way they do?

Elaine's stage presence was great and I also loved her voice. I told her one time she was a great influence in my life and my ministry, she thought it was sweet of me to say.
With Greater Vision, it's the blend of their voices, their songs and the way they minister.


GE: Who has been your biggest spiritual influence?

My Grandmother, on my Mother's side, was my greatest spiritual influence. I can remember as a small child she would sit in her old Rocking Chair and read her Bible and tell everybody, that came in contact with her, about Jesus and if they didn't know Him they wouldn't go to Heaven. Little did I know how much that sweet little old lady would affect my spiritual walk with God. Wish I could tell her that right now, but one day I will.
Donnie's was his papaw that got saved at the age of 63. His papaw had put up a little three stone altar underneath a big maple tree that he would stop and pray on the way to the barn and the fields and on the way back into the house. Many years later after his papaw had been gone that little three stone altar was still there. After God dealing with him and walking that dirt road for hours and talking to God, that's where Donnie wound up and got saved, just him and God. He has a powerful testimony that he shares once in awhile


GE: How many dates to you do per year?

Not Enough!! In years past we would do 85-90 per year but this past year seems like people are falling away and so many churches have completely stopped having singing's. There is not enough of the church congregation that will show up. Now, it's down to approximately 50-60 a year. It wouldn't bother us if we had 3 or 4 per weekend, every weekend.


GE: What kind of venues do you sing at?

We go where God opens a door and most of the time it's churches. We have went to Civic Centers, Concert Halls. We also go to Nursing Homes, Assisted Living facilities, and Restaurants. It's such a blessing to go to the Nursing Homes and Assisted Living because those people are blessed, therefore, we are blessed. It delights my heart to see the smiles on those little old folks face when you start singing about Jesus. They may not know who we are but they sure do know who Jesus is!


GE: Are you involved in other areas of ministry besides music?

Yes. Donnie and I started hosting a TV program, in October 2015, called the Gospel Showcase with the Joyful Hearts. It is on local Charter channel 16, Cullman 27. We are live every Thursday at 6:30 then the program re-airs Friday night at 7:00 and Sunday Morning at 6:30. The show can also be streamed at We bring local artist in for an interview and let them sing. It gives the audience a chance to see the local talent that they might not otherwise ever get to see. We also go to the pro concerts and interview them to play on the program if we don't have artist in the studio.


GE: Where do you see your ministry in the next 5 years?

We feel this is a calling on our lives and we pray that God will take us to another level in our Ministry. Our soul desire is to go and Minister to the lost and hurting, see souls saved and lives changed. As long as we are willing vessels, "With God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26.


GE: Talk a little bit about your current project and/or single?

We finished a project early 2015 titled "That Heavenly Country". The complete project has that country flavor. We are presently working on another project with 9 songs recorded and praying about the 10th. We do not have this one titled yet.

GE: Who are the members in your group? Donnie & Brenda Foxx


GE: Tell us a little about your family, husband/wife and children.

When Donnie and I married, I had three children and seven grandchildren. March 19, 2006, a 16 year old grandson was killed in a car accident. Right now we also have six great grandchildren. Donnie does not have any children so he inherited a ready-made family whom he loves & loves him and he thinks the great grands are the cats meow.


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