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Ministry Spotlight

Canaans Crossing

Multiple Award Nominations, Bluegrass Gospel Group from Arab, Alabama.
Cannon Crossing
March - 2016
Interview Questions: 
Tina, Andy and me (Tim) started singing in our home church in Arab, AL in 1999. We did any organized music dates until we were asked by Charlie Short to perform at his venue the Long Branch Opry on an all Gospel night. He needed some Bluegrass. We asked a couple of friends Junior Saint and Wayne Burgett to join us on the Mandolin and Banjo. The response was unbelievable. After the concert which was in August of 2000, we were asked by 5 different churches to come to one of their services and it has been non-stop since then.
Arab, AL at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church
The special music Andy, Tina and I we were doing in our church was Bluegrass style. Tina has such a special talent on the fiddle so to incorporate that into our worship, Andy played guitar and I played bass.
It varies among the group members. With us being a Bluegrass band you have everyone from Bill Monroe to Alison Krauss. I (Tim) cut my teeth on Southern Gospel plus played Country and Gospel Music on the radio from the late 70’s to the late 90’s so I have been influenced by the a lot of different artist as well. We try to bring it all together to provide our own unique brand of music.
I think it is more in your subconscious than in the forefront of what you do.
That’s an individual thing. I am sure that each band member has been influenced by some very special people in their life.
It varies. Our personnel is somewhat different today than when we first started and each person has other responsibilities that we have to work around. Family, school, church etc.. We try to do as much as we can.
Concerts, churches, Bluegrass festivals, Theme parks
Some of our band members serve in various positions.
Continue to do what we have always done. Try to keep it fresh and original.
Our current single is I Will Go. This song was written by Ashley Welborn, writer of the song Beautifully Broken. So far it has reached #1 on the Music to Radio download website that over 3500 radio stations receive their music. We are also working on a table project of older songs. We are doing this just for fun as we can. It has been in the works for about a year. We are also part of the cast of the new TV Show, Great American Bluegrass hosted by the Primitive Quartet airing on Dish TV on the Blue Highways Channel.
Tina Miller, fiddle and vocals
Andy Wilks, guitar and vocals
Tim Maze, vocals
Joshua Black, guitar
Collins Miller, banjo
Tina is married to John Miller who runs sound for our group. Their son Collins plays banjo. I (Tim) is married to Sharon. Our son Jacob is in college at Auburn University. Andy lives in Arab with wife Wendy and son Tray. Joshua and Jacob are both single and freshmen in college .


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