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Ministry Spotlight

New Ground

New Ground, a southern gospel music ministry, was formed by husband and wife team, Dale and Robbie Maxwell in June of 1993. They have seen great things happen with this group and its continued ministry.


August - 2016
Interview Questions: 

GE: What is the history of your ministry?

Jerry Holman made the phone call to Dale & Robbie Maxwell in May 1993 and said let's get together and see what'll sound like. That is when New Ground was begun. We actually sang for about two or three months without a name. LOL

GE: Where did you begin?

We began singing on June 19, 1993 at the Scottsboro Holiness Church in Scottsboro, Alabama.

GE: Why did you choose this path of ministry?

Always, always loved the music of the church and always had a special love for southern gospel music.

GE: Who are some of your major musical influences? The McGruders and The Hinsons.

GE: Why do they affect you the way they do? Their singing had feeling and enthusiasm!!!

GE: Who has been your biggest spiritual influence? Our parents. Always instilled the love for the Lord and music into our lives.

GE: How many dates to you do per year? We did 160 dates in 2015.

GE: What kind of venues do you sing at? Churches, concert halls, festivals, where we are called.

GE: Are you involved in other areas of ministry besides music? Music is our ministry!!!

GE: Where do you see your ministry in the next 5 years?

Very excited where our ministry is at this time and just continue to enjoy the blessings of the Lord.

GE: Talk a little bit about your current project and/or single?

Our single at radio is entitled - "He'll Know What To Do". New music will hit radio stations mid August with a new song - "Closer Than I Was". We have just recorded our very first DVD and with an expected release date of Mid August, also.

GE: Who are the members in your group? Dale Maxwell, Robbie Maxwell, David Owens
GE: Tell us a little about your family, husband/wife and children. Dale & Robbie Maxwell - No Kids (thank the Lord) - LOL
David Owens - wife/Stacy - children/Brandon, Chelsea, Celeste

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