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Ministry Spotlight - Alliance Quartet

The group Alliance was established on March 7, 2006 during a meeting of it's three founding members at a restaurant in Albertville, Alabama. It was during that humble beginning that we shared a vision for our new group. One of our goals was striving for excellence in putting together a high quality group and sound that would reach and touch the hearts of many people.  

As most new ventures are, our early years were filled with many ups and downs, and many struggles. During our history, we have had a total of 10 different members. In one particular set of auditions held in 2010, there were 17 different singers tried out for the lead position. This is but one example of the attention to detail we have tried to give to what we know is an important and vital calling. The current membership of Alliance is the end result of those 10 year long efforts. We are very proud to be blessed with the group we have today and we are excited to see what God has in store for the future.   

Our current lineup contains two of our original members, Dustin Bearden at tenor and Jeff Smith at bass. Keith Wix has now been our lead singer for 6 years, having joined us in the fall of 2010. Our newest member, Tim Tumblin, joined us in September of 2016 at baritone to round out the group as it exists today.  

Alliance performs in a variety of venues, the majority of which are churches. In addition, we also perform at selected public events, and also in private settings such as family reunions and birthday celebrations. On average, we try to do around 2 singings per month or around 25-30 dates per year. We mostly sing within a 100 mile radius of Huntsville but we do venture out further on occasion.    

With great pride and anticipation, Alliance looks forward to many years of continued service in bringing the message of Jesus Christ to others thru song. We also look forward to meeting and gaining many new friends along the way. We sincerely thank every one of our former members, our many supporters and most of all, our families for making our ministry not only possible but successful. We look forward to what God has in store for us in the coming years. 


December - 2016
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