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Ministry Spotlight - Gospel Barn Quartet & Band

Gospel Barn Quartet and Band
Birthed out of a need for a group to fill in at the lat minute due to a group canceling at The Gospel Barn in Dora, Al.

September - 2016
Interview Questions: 

GE: What is the history of your ministry?

Birthed out of a need for a group to fill in at last minute due to a group canceling at The Gospel Barn in Dora, AL. Around 2005-2006. Then in 2010 when A young Trent Harbison and Mike GRISSOM joined the group they begin regularly opening for the Barn Venue 30 minutes before the Concert Venue. The soon grew into and additional 4th Saturday night Concert featuring The Gospel Barn Qt & Band with a guest group. That night was greatly attended and supported. We then took booking at churches which soon put the part-time group on road 2-3 weekends per month. In 2013, when Bob Uptain of LGS Ministries moved to Lee's the GBQ began singing regular as one of the 2 Barn Groups per month using its 1/2 of the love offering and concessions to pay 100% of the Gospel Barn bills. Thus, keeping the Traditon started in 2004 going to present day Venues Jan-Oct on 2nd Saturday of each month hosting groups like New Gound, Masters Four and many others from AL, TN and Miss.

GE: Where did you begin? Gospel Barn in Dora, AL

GE: Why did you choose this path of ministry? The love of singing & to help meet a need at The Gospel Barn

GE: Who are some of your major musical influences? Happy Goodmans, Kingsmen Inspirations & Gold City

GE: Why do they affect you the way they do? Lol we sing a lot of their old time songs. And actually imitate them quiet well

GE: Who has been your biggest spiritual influence?

Jesus Chirst first! But an appreciation for all the great gospel singers who have come before carrying on Traditon of SGM. Quartet style

GE: How many dates to you do per year? 35-50 depends

GE: What kind of venues do you sing at?

GE: Are you involved in other areas of ministry besides music?

Church HC, 5th Sunday or Saturday's. Festivals , Gospel Barn regulars 90% of them. We have done a few private functions too

GE: Where do you see your ministry in the next 5 years?

Keeping the home base Gospel Barn Alive. Cutting a long time coming quality CD when funds are available and just continuing to sing locally in a 3 state regional area. Maybe National Quartet Convention someday too!!!

GE: Talk a little bit about your current project and/or single?

Lol don't have one. If we did it would be Karen doing Won't it be wonderful like Vestal with us backing her up

GE: Who are the members in your group?

Karen Andrews Barron, Matt Hudson, David Price, Mike Grissom. All singers. band members are Matt Hudson , Dennis Andrews, Dennis Barlow, Chris Spain, Bobby Robinson

GE: Tell us a little about your family, husband/wife and children.

Well most of us are married with kids and grandkids. A couple Dennis Andrew & Chris Spain are single with no kids. But we want them to get some 'mm lol


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