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Ministry Spotlight - Jordan's Crossing

Jordan's Crossing

A family group from N.E. Alabama, consisting of Dad (Tracy) & children (Hunter & Sydney)(Furgerson). Creating a unique blend of Southern Gospel & Bluegrass to share a message of hope & encouragement in troubled land, through their singing, playing and songwriting.


April - 2015
Interview Questions: 

GE: What is the history of your ministry?

Myself (Tracy aka Dad), started playing piano & singing in local Southern Gospel groups around NE Alabama as a teenager. I had taken several years off from singing as my wife, Angela, & I started our family, but that desire to use the talents God had given me stayed in my heart. As our children, Hunter & Sydney, begin to get old enough to realize He had placed some talents in them, I saw the potential of going back to doing what I had loved so many years, but together with my family.

GE: Where did you begin?

We are based out of a small town on Sand Mt called Sylvania, in the Northeast corner of Alabama. I had been in & around music most of my life. Hunter had already started showing signs of musical talent early on as he begin playing around on the piano. Sydney had started singing some, but was so shy we could barely get her too :) . But somewhere around the Spring of 2013, we started sitting around the piano in our living room & singing songs in hopes that a little family group might come together.

GE: Why did you choose this path of ministry?

I suppose its more fair to say that our feet were led down this path by a plan greater than our own. We started out trying traditional Southern Gospel, singing along with the piano. But, we all took an interest in acoustic instruments, & the Lord seemed to direct & teach us how to play. We picked up playing so quickly & the harmony blend & style started coming some naturally to us, that we felt we should follow that path, & the Lord has graciously blessed our efforts.

GE: Who are some of your major musical influences?

That would cover too much to say, from local talents that have inspired & encouraged us, to well known professional groups that so many love. But we definitely were drawn to groups with stylings like the Isaacs.

GE: Why do they affect you the way they do?

The Isaacs, for example, have so many points that influence us. Of course, we love the whole concept of a family group. To watch them travel, play, write & perform while keeping the family unit at the forefront is certainly some of the same desires of our family.

GE: Who has been your biggest spiritual influence?

That too would cover a lot of ground. So many ministers that we have loved through the years, that have been diligent to teach us the soundness of God's word. We love the music, but we try to always remember that living His word & serving Him is the number one priority.

GE: How many dates to you do per year?

It varies. It seems to come in seasons, we'll be busy one month, then wondering where the next call is gonna come from the next :) But, as a general rule, as a family, we are fairly flexible on our schedule & are free for most dates.

GE: What kind of venues do you sing at?

Of course, church related events take the majority of our bookings. But, pretty much anywhere we feel that music with a message will be beneficial. We've done concert style venues, benefits, locals parks, recreation events, etc.

GE: Are you involved in other areas of ministry besides music?

We are heavily involved in our local church, where my father is the pastor. We handle a lot of the music, as well as helping minister to the youth needs.

GE: Where do you see your ministry in the next 5 years?

We are just taking it a step at a time as we feel God opens doors for us. We've been very blessed to have been placed in a circle of wonderful people willing to help us. We hope to see our bookings increase, and have more opportunities to share encouragement to others through our music.

GE: Talk a little bit about your current project and/or single?

Our current CD "Crossroads" was released in April of 2015. So, while its a year old now, we are still growing as a group & our bookings continue to bring us in front listeners who have not heard us or had a chance to purchase our music, so it is still somewhat of a fresh project. Radio stations are beginning to play our music, which we are so thankful for, and while several songs have gained attention, "When I lay my Isaac Down" by Rev. Billy Fields, always seems to get positive comments. We are currently doing a lot of songwriting ourselves, and are hoping to be back in the studio working on a more original based CD very soon. Sydney has written a wonderful song "Step out on the water" which we are already getting requests for at singings.

GE: Who are the members in your group?

We are The Furgersons:
Tracy (Dad) vocals, acoustic guitar, manager
Hunter vocals, bass guitar
Sydney vocals, mandolin
Angela (Mom) loves staying out of the spotlight, but manages our product table, and serves as the glue to keep us together :)

GE: Tell us a little about your family, husband/wife and children.

I've probably covered most of it already, but I'm Tracy. Angela & I married in 1992 & had our first child, Hunter, in 1996. He is currently in college finishing a drafting degree & already working in the engineering dept of a local production co. Sydney came along in 2001, & planning to graduate in 2017 from a homeschooling program.


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