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Southern Image

Southern Image Quartet has been involved in spreading the Good News for many years. Two of the groups founders, Troy Cresap and Buddy Tennison, have been singing gospel music for 45 years together. Shay Guess has been involved with the group for approximately 15 years, working initially as the arranger/producer, and then as a vocalist. He is also a tremendous songwriter. His wife, Michi (the only known South Korean in Gospel Music), joined the group approximately 5 yrs ago, and her powerful voice has been likened to that of her hero, Vestal Goodman. The group sings in the "old style" favored by so many of our fans. While some music is original, it still maintains the true Southern Gospel flavor. For more details and some samples of our music, please visit our website ( or on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you "down the road".

December - 2015
Interview Questions: 

Coming Soon
What is the history of your ministry?
Where did you begin? Why did you choose this path of ministry?
•    Who are some of your major musical influences?
 Why do they affect you the way they do?
•    Who has been your biggest spiritual influence?
•    How many dates to you do per year?
•    What kind of venues do you sing at?
•    Are you involved in other areas of ministry besides music?
•    Where do you see your ministry in the next 10 years?
•    Talk a little bit about your current project and/or single?
•    Who are the members in your group?
•    Tell us a little about your family, husband/wife and children

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